Torque Inspector II

Torque Inspector II Torque Testing of Anti-Friction Devices and Assemblies

Torque Inspector II

The Torque Inspector II is a bench top system for measuring the torque characteristics of anti friction devices and assemblies. Contained in the system are a customized computer, monitor, keyboard, and the necessary circuitry for performing a test and processing the results. User-friendly menus enable the operator to rapidly become proficient with the operation of this National Instruments Labview based system.

Standard features such as 2 serial ports, one parallel port, four USB ports and a CD/DVD drive are provided.

Test configurations are stored in memory and are retrievable with the click of a mouse key, avoiding time consuming setups. Test results can be stored in memory or on a disk and then transported to other peripheral devices for further analysis and processing.

Testing Capabilities

Both starting torque and running torque can be measured with the same system, the same tooling and in the same test cycle. From this testing a variety of problems can be identified.

  • Contamination
  • Material Defects
  • Surface Wear
  • Poor Internal Geometry
  • Structural Defects

Customized reports that show only the required information for a particular customer or a specific application can be easily generated, viewed on the screen and outputted to a conventional printer or strip chart printer.

[Photo of the Torque Inspector II]