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Dynamometer Test Head Model 2610 DS Series

These test heads combine in spindle form an optical torque transducer, an optical encoder and a load brake. This combination of carefully matched components provides for the testing of inertia sensitive devices such as stepper motors as well as conventional ac and dc motors. Dynamometers are available with full scale torque capacities of 1 Oz-In to 320 in-lbs.

  • The 2610 Series Dynamometer Test Head Spindle Assembly is designed for use with the model 1054 Readout and Control Instrument.
  • Vibrac Dynamometer Test Heads contain patented Optical Torque Transducer (brushless), a Load Brake and Digital Encoder. The extremely low inertia of all components, including the precision couplings, make the test heads ideal for stepper motor testing.
  • The Vibrac Optical transducer produces a clean, noise-free electrical signal. The elimination of brushes and associated slip-rings reduces maintenance issues and increases operational life.
  • Each test head is designed to mount directly with the Vibrac XY Mounting Fixture base plate. When used in conjunction with this fixture, the dynamometer assembly is a completely self-contained testing unit, requiring no additional tooling for the component under test.
  • The 2610 series of test heads are designed specifically for use with Vibrac's readout and control Instrumentation.
  • This test head, when used in combination with the 1054 Digital and Control Instrument, provides a turn-key system for testing Stepper Motors, DC Motors, Brushless DC Motors, Actuators and other similar type components.

Model 2610 Test Head Specifications

Torque Transducers: ±0.5% full-scale accuracy

Position Encoder: 0.1 degree / 3600 pulses per revolution

Load Brake: Magnetic Particle

[Photo of Vibrac Test Head]
[Diagram of Vibrac Test Head]
[Diagram of Vibrac Test Head]

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