Test-All II Torque Tool Calibrator

Test-All II Torque Tool Calibrator Adding a New Twist to the Calibration of Torque Tools

Test-All II Calibrator: Durable, Repeatable, Accurate

The Test-All II Calibrator is an innovative digital, bench-top system uniquely designed for verifying the torque of tools and devices, without the need for strain gages, separate transducers, and test stands with analog circuits.

The Test-All II Calibrator system specializes in accurate, repeatable and durable testing of sensitive torque screwdrivers, wrenches and other devices. Vibrac's patented bi-directional deflection method of measuring and recording torque allows for the system to be strong and durable, yet also ultra sensitive and repeatable. The advanced Windows-based control software and touch screen display and interface makes torque testing simple, accurate and affordable. It provides the operator with both numeric displays as well as a live torque curve for each calibration test.

Over 50 years of experience in the field of torque measurement has resulted in the Test-All Torque Tool Calibrator.

System Features:

  • Simple Touch Programming
  • Uni & Bi-Directional Testing
  • Automatic Data Logging
  • Onscreen Zeroing Capability
  • Instant On - No Warm Up
  • English to Metric Units at the touch of a button

Wrench Fastening Component

When fixture integrity is critical, your torque tools
need to be operating at peak performance.
Test-All II Torque ToolCalibrator